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Design-Build means an approach tailored to your needs.

The contracting relationship is one built on trust and mutual desire for a good building experience. Since HomeMasons’ design and construction teams work together throughout the process we ensure the best value for your investment and minimization of hidden or unexpected costs. When selecting a design-build contractor, we recommend considering the following:

Responsiveness to client’s design needs

Record of excellence in design

Provision of comprehensive specifications and thorough contract documents

High-level communication plan

Ability to create the highest value as defined by the client’s prioritized needs

Proven capability to provide craftsmanship of the highest caliber

Record of client satisfaction and meeting budget & schedule requirements

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I choose a design-build contractor?

This method of contracting is tailor-made to suit each client’s needs for architectural and construction services. The design-build approach to building brings together professional design and construction expertise. One company handles both design and construction, which means you enjoy greater continuity of services. This joining of design and construction functions also can save you time and money, and helps make you more of a partner in the construction or remodeling process.

How do I get the design-build process started?

HomeMasons representatives will meet with you to understand your needs. This meeting is typically at no cost or obligation to you. Be prepared to list your objectives in order of priority. In the case of a remodeling project, tell us what you like about your existing home, and what you need to improve. We’ll talk about your stylistic preferences. Don’t be embarrassed to pull out your file of designer magazine clippings. 

At the culmination of this meeting, we will share our expectation of your anticipated range of investment – our mothers always told us it’s not polite to talk about money, but we know that this is important to you.  If you like what we have to offer, and it looks like a good “fit” between us, let’s proceed to the next steps together!

We like what we have to offer each other. Then what?

We want to take you from general to specific. We’ll enter-into a preliminary design agreement, which will include documentation of your existing site and/or home conditions (pictures and measurements, and the creation of an “as built” plan). Considering your requirements, we will then draft several preliminary options for floor plans, exterior appearance and create recommended outline specifications for your project.  Typically, you will see things which inspire you in each of the potential options. We merge those ideas to arrive-at your best solution.

The results of the preliminary design study are presented to you along with an updated budget, and HomeMasons will address your questions, concerns, and comments. At this point, we want to determine together if HomeMasons is offering the type of design response you are looking for, at a price and schedule that is acceptable to you. Are we still a match, and are we ready to go to the next step of commitment?

Once I’ve decided to proceed with the design-build project, what's next?

When you are happy with the schematic design and comfortable with our proposal, we’ll agree to complete design development, working drawings and specifications. We will walk you through our hand-holding process to help you select fixtures, finishes, and all the details that we will need to know to create our comprehensive specifications.  We want to make it easy for you, by providing the best guidance based on our extensive knowledge and experience – assuring that every detail is as you like it, and maintains the high level of value that you’d like to have in your project. We spend a good deal of time and effort here with you – because this is the key to creating a meticulously thorough set of documents, and assuring an efficient construction process, and ultimately avoiding delays and cost overruns.  No ambiguity or mystery; we have a complete game plan for you!

Most of our competitors utilize allowances in their contracts.  We know that you want the construction process to be as effortless as possible – so we invest the time and energy up-front, when it’s less-pressured, and just easier.

There is no obligation for construction at this point.  However, as our design is key to creating a competitive response in our overall package, and is in itself an exceptional value, our documents are proprietary, and may not be used for construction purposes by another contractor.

What needs to be taken care of prior to the start of construction?

HomeMasons attends to acquisition of all necessary approvals from governing officials, assuring building code compliance, and sees to payment of all related fees. You, the client, are generally required to obtain any private approvals from neighborhood or subdivision review boards and associations, etc., but we are available to assist as may be required. Likewise, participation in tax abatement and renovation tax credit programs is generally the responsibility of the Owner, although we will be happy to assist you in navigating these processes.

We always share a preconstruction conference with you shortly prior to the start of construction.  This is an excellent opportunity for us to exchange expectations. You likely have questions about what the schedule will look like, where we might place the dumpster or porta-potty, how we will control dust, as well as the various procedural aspects of your project.  We arrive with a prepared agenda which has come from our decades of experience in conveying what you want to know. As always, we strive to paint a picture of what to expect next, and how everything will work – and we are very good at doing just that.

This is the best project HomeMasons has ever done...every morning that I walk into my bathroom, I feel like I am in a spa! We love you guys!!

- Maggie Crosby, Manakin-Sabot, VA

It’s a beautiful job and we are happy and proud to show it off. Second project — both have turned out very nice!

- Craig Schwartz, Midlothian, VA

We sing your praises on a regular basis. We have had many compliments on the finished product and they want to duplicate many of our ideas.

- Bob and MaryAnne Smith, Glen Allen, VA

We received a beautiful remodeling job, both in design and craftsmanship, from your competent and caring staff. Bravo, bravo and thanks from both of us. It has been an enjoyable and challenging project that has produced a house with architectural interest and style. We are very appreciative of your dedication to our projects.

- Jim and Marguerite Bruce, Rockville, VA

We were treated like “royalty.” This remodeling process far exceeded our expectations. We felt it was a labor of love for all concerned and made the whole process such a delight with the final product way beyond our wildest dreams.

- Claudia and Jerry Frank, Richmond, VA
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